Diseases related to physical inactivity are on the rise. According to the National Institutes for Health, two in three adults are affected by overweight or obesity. The need for weight management professionals has never been greater.

We take a whole-person approach to helping keep weight under control. Diet and exercise planning are helpful, but don't address physical, mental, and emotional factors that affect a person's ability to lose or maintain weight. Avila Bay Club explores all aspects of the individual and provides a road map to effectively train, motivate, support, and educate clients from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

Avila Bay Club is proud to help clients make small maintainable changes that you can implement for the rest of your life. With proven results that incorporates life balance, our program works and can relieve you of the struggle of weight loss, permanently.

Contact Fitness Director Suzanne Smith to get connected with a nutritionist at the club.