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Aqua Aerobics - A fun, safe, and effective way to improve cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance.

Group Swim - Swim sets given in a group environment to push you to start your next level.


HITT - Using interval training, this class will improve your overall fitness level with high/low intensity moves.

Cardio Dance - Simple, fun dance moves will have your heart beating while you have a blast! 

Cardio Core - A 30 minute tabata and core class. 

Cycle - Each class offers the ability to go at your own pace and is appropriate for all fitness levels.
    Cycle Class Etiquette
    1.Athletic shoes and appropriate workout attire required.
    2. For safety reasons, please arrive on time and remain for the entire class.
    3. Do not wear perfume or scented lotions.
    4. Give the trained instructor your full attention. Keep chitchat to a minimum.

Cycle Sculpt and Cycle Core - Add free weights and core moves on and off the bike.

Cardio Barre Tone - Like Barre Tone, with added cardio to get the heart rate up. 

Groove - A dynamic fusion of dance styles that create an all our cardio jam.

Alotta Tabata - Taught outside, but on the ground. Exercises to complement your swim routine, and all fitness. 


Core – 20 minute down and dirty ab and core stabilizer class. All levels.

Sculpt -  Just like it sounds. This class is intended to sculpt your body using different equipment and body weight.

Assets -  A 30 minute class focusing on legs, glutes, and abs. All levels.

Barre Tone - Drawing from ballet, yoga, and Pilates, this is an excellent toning class for long muscles. 


Active Stretch - Effective and dynamic stretching technique to provide restoration of facial planes.

Balanced Stretch - Simple movements to improve flexibility and balance.

Balance - Low impact to strengthen legs and torso, improve flexibility, and challenge coordination and agility.

Tai Chi - This class allows the mind and body to harmonize and work together as one. Improve balance and posture.

Gentle Yoga - Just like it sounds, for all levels. You will feel refreshed after this one!

Yoga Beginner - A wonderful introduction to Yoga through static and flowing movements. 

Yoga Intermediate - A nice progression from Beginner, to advance into stronger moves and poses.

Yoga For Everyone - With many options and modifications, this class should satisfy people on all levels.

Vinyasa Flow - Flowing movements through a variety of postures to improve balance, strength, and endurance.

Yin Yoga - A restorative class - holding poses and stretches for a longer length of time, utilizing the breath.

Yinyasa - Gentle yoga flow movements followed by YinYoga deep stretching.

Majesty of Movement - An integral flow of yoga, Pilates, and chi (energetic) exercises that enhance mindfulness, flexibility, strength, and balance.