March Newsletter 2024

What's Up At ABAC

No Deck Party  - Wednesday, March 6
Pickleball Round Robin – Sunday, March 10
Water Yoga Class – Wednesday, March 13
Wednesday Night Deck Party w/ Ghost Monster Duo  - Wednesday, March 13
Junior Water Polo Clinic – Saturday, March 16
Special St. Patrick's Day Deck Party w/ Take Two Trio –
Sunday, March 17
Tennis Mixer & Beer Tasting – Wednesday, March 20
Wednesday Night Deck Party  –
Wednesday, March 20
Line Dancing Class – Thursday, March 21
Tennis Mixer & Wine Tasting – Sunday, March 31
Sound Healing Workshop w/ Gwynne
– Sunday, March 24
Wednesday Night Deck Party w/ Vintage Renegades Duo – Wednesday, March 27
Fall Prevention Workshop w/ Shannon – Thursday, March 28
Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, March 30
Easter Day Club Hours – Sunday, March 31 10am – 4 pm
April 1-30 – Hygiene Essentials Drive In The Lobby

Club Updates from General Manager Nancy Terrell

Whew! There is a lot going on at the club in March! There is pretty much something for everyone happening this month. We would love to see more people at the deck parties. Folks tell us all the time how much they love them, but the attendance tells us something different. We book some top-notch musicians, so you can always count on good music up there.  Come by and meet your new Special Events Director Elizabeth Sewell, who is usually bartending! We keep the website updated with upcoming parties as well, so you can always find that information. Click Here For That Webpage, so you can bookmark it.                
There are a few things I want to share:

  • We apologize for not being clear in the last notice regarding the new policy of the extra $5 fee to drop-in to tennis clinics. The official policy is that you need to register (on the app, from a computer, or by calling the front desk) for a tennis clinic by 12 noon the day before, or you will pay the extra drop-in fee of $5. Non-members are able to use the app for this as well, so please inquire with the membership staff to help you get set up if you are not already. They can be reached by email at [email protected].
  • Keep your cars locked. Bring all valuables inside the club and safely lock them in our secure lockers. Thieves target health club parking lots because they know people tend to leave things in their cars while working out. Please also lock up all your valuables while using the locker rooms. You should never ever leave anything unattended, even while using the shower.


It sounds like many of you have had a chance to try out the newest sauna (now officially named the Wood Sauna). This one is a large, dry sauna. We plan to keep it consistently heated at 180 degrees. You do not need a reservation for it, as it seats approximately four people at a time. Please be sure to share the space if you see someone approaching. We added a spray bottle of water to use on the rocks in case you like a whiff of steam. Please do not pour water on the rocks.
As with the other two saunas, you must sit on a towel, and ALWAYS rinse off before getting into the pool or hot tub. We would hate to do it, but your sauna access could be revoked if we discover that you are not doing either of these two things. Now that we have this hotter sauna, we plan to keep the infra-red saunas set at 140 degrees. This temperature is more in line with what is recommended for that type of sauna. We also have the new red light therapy panel that is in the newer infrared sauna (now officially named the Red Sauna). This super cool therapy is free to use and is activated only by turning on the switch right on the red-light panel. PLEASE do not try to adjust the settings on the sauna panel touchpad. We will send a separate email soon with more detailed sauna information, so you can learn more about the therapies, and have a quick easy access guide to the three saunas. We are glad that everyone is enjoying them so much!

Fitness Equipment Survey

FebNLTakeSurvey.jpg Last chance to give feedback! The survey will close on Sunday, March 10.
We are replacing some fitness equipment and want your feedback!
Click Here To Fill Out Our Survey Regarding Cardio and Weight Room Equipment


We have a few reminders:

  • We aim to keep the large pool temperature between 80-82 (usually closer to 80-81 most of the year). Reminder that this is because many lap swimmers prefer the pool to be around 78, and then a separate group of folks like it to be over 82, so our compromise has always been 80-81.
  • Please do not sit on workout equipment while using your phone and not working out. Please go finish your thoughts somewhere else and then come back to the machine when you are ready to workout again. You never know who might be waiting to use that equipment.
  • Do not use or wear perfumes while participating in group fitness classes (this rule is printed on our group exercise schedule guide as well) or in the locker rooms. There are some members with severe allergies and we want to be kind for them.
  • Parking: It has been better lately with the help of the nice village patrolmen. Hopefully they are setting the tone to the public that they cannot park in our lot to use the Bob Jones Trail. There are two more steps in the works. One is that we are going to fence off the Bob Jones Trail access from our lot, and install a pedestrian gate with a constantly changing code that we will give only to members if they check into the club. The third step is in the works. All of these systems should alleviate any parking issues in the future. Pleases remember:
    • DO NOT PARK in the spots designated for a particular business. They do have a right to tow you. There are a few in the Village – look for a sign at the head of their spots and/or lettering on the asphalt of the spot.
  • Please cancel your swim, tennis, or sauna reservation prior to 4 hours from the start time, or you will receive a $10 cancelation fee.
  • Cancel your swim, tennis, or sauna reservation if you are not coming. No shows receive a $20 fee. Please do be sure to check into the club or it will mark you as a no show for your reservations that day.
  • Cell phone policy – No talking on phones in all workout areas and locker rooms (this includes the small changing rooms in the adult women's locker room). Absolutely NO SPEAKER phone usage is allowed in any area of the club. This includes watching videos on the speaker.

$100 Referral Credit


Here's your chance to earn some big bucks for the month of March! Refer a new member and receive $100 credit on your account when they join. Contact Shairee, Gwynne, or Josh in the membership department. 805-595-7600 ex: 105 or email [email protected].

Aquatics Department Updates


The Aquatics Department has several kids' classes available in March. Please email the Aquatics Director at: [email protected] for more details and to sign-up!

Splashy Feet 

Our Parent-and-Me class for infants & toddlers is open for registration. This 30 minute group class is limited to 4 parent/child participants, and is appropriate for children ages 6 months to 2.5 years old, and focuses on an introduction to the pool, comfort in the water, and beginning skills you can do with your child. We have 2 sessions available:
Session 1:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 
March 19, 21, 26, 28
Session 2:
Mondays & Wednesdays 
April 1, 3, 8, 10

Junior Water Polo Clinic

Saturday, March 16
This 90 minute water polo clinic is appropriate for youth ages 7-12. Join Coach Calvin for this fun class and learn more about the sport of water polo! This workshop includes instruction on the basics, plus expanded skills. No previous experience needed. 

Wavemakers: Junior Swim & Water Polo Program

Practice currently meets 4:30-5:30pm.
Mondays/Wednesdays: Swim Practice
Tuesdays/Thursdays: Water Polo Practice.
This non-competitive year round program meets 4 days per week: Monday-Thursday, and is appropriate for youth ages 7-12. Practices focus on stroke technique, strength development, and interval training. Level 1 is for beginners, and is 30 minutes long. Level 2 is for intermediate/advanced, and is 1 hour long. Come check it out, the first two practices are free to try out!

Lifeguard Training Class

April 19-21 or May 3-5
Get certified to be a Lifeguard! Students must be at least 15 years old. This class includes American Red Cross Lifeguard and Professional CPR Rescue certificates upon successful completion. Cost is $305.  Click Here For More Information

New Trainer Chrissy Belo!


Meet our newest Personal Trainer Chrissy Belo! Chrissy is a seasoned fitness professional who earned her first personal trainer certification from NASM in 1998. She holds additional certifications as an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach, showcasing her extensive experience in the field. Specializing in functional strength training, Chrissy believes that strength forms the foundation for all physical qualities and prioritizes its development. With a client-centered approach, she meets individuals at their fitness level, introducing movements that resonate positively and unveiling their full potential. Recognizing the transformative impact of exercise on overall well-being, Chrissy inspires clients to prioritize health and fitness in their lives. Beyond her role as a fitness expert, Chrissy spent nearly two decades teaching high school. Outside the fitness realm, Chrissy embraces her role as a mom, cherishing moments with her husband Larry (a fellow beloved personal trainer at the club!), son Shae, and family dog Poly. Passionate about heavy lifting, hiking, and beach outings, Chrissy's lifelong love for movement is evident, having been a dancer and gym enthusiast. A former powerlifting competitor, she looks forward to returning to the sport, fueled by a desire to empower others toward enduring health and wellness. If she could possess a superpower, Chrissy's wish would be to keep her loved ones healthy forever. Welcome to the ABAC family Chrissy. Email [email protected] get in touch with Chrissy, or Click Here .  

Massage Therapist Lorri Nelson


We are proud to have Lorri on our spa staff of talented therapists. Lorri was born and raised here on the beautiful Central Coast. In 2012, she began her journey as a massage therapist at the local California Holistic Institute in San Luis Obispo. Since then, Lorri has trained in a wide variety of modalities to help her clients feel their best emotionally and physically. The range of her modalities include Myofascial Release, Massage Cupping, Oncology Massage for Cancer, and Reiki. The unique art of Massage Cupping can help to decrease pain and inflammation by increasing circulation, releasing toxins and stretching the myofascial tissue. The skilled and sensitive Oncology Massage for Cancer takes into consideration the pain and energy tolerance of the client and the location of any removed lymph nodes. Lorri loves what she does, and she feels very blessed to be able to help others with her unique skills. Fun fact – Lorri and Nancy Terrell waited tables together many, many years ago! (We won't tell you exactly how many years…) Our front desk would be happy to help get you scheduled with Lorri, or feel free to Click Here For More Information.                     

Pickleball Round Robin

Sunday, March 10
11am - 1pm
Free for Full Members




Water Yoga Class

Wednesday, March 13
9:30 – 10:30 am




Junior Water Polo Clinic

Saturday, March 16
12:30 – 2:00 pm




A Special St. Patrick's Day Deck Party!

Sunday, March 17
1:00 – 3:00 pm




Tennis Mixer & Beer Tasting

Wednesday, March 20
6:00 – 7:30 pm




Line Dancing Class

Thursday, March 21
6:00 – 7:00 pm


Tennis Mixer & Wine Tasting

Sunday, March 24
11:00 am – 12:30 pm


Sound Healing Workshop

Sunday, March 24
4pm - 5pm
$35 Members / $45 Non-Members


Fall Prevention Workshop

Thursday, March 28
12:30-1:30 pm
Shannon Merritt will lead this workshop focusing on the muscle groups that assist with balance. Exercises will be taught to improve your proprioception which is the body's ability to perceive the location, movement, and actions of different parts of the body which reduces the risk of falling
Free for members and their guests.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, March 30
10:30 – 11:30 am


Fall / Winter / Spring Club Hours
Monday-Thursday 5:30 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 5:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Kids' Club Hours (by reservation only)
Note - We do not allow kids that appear sick, with even a runny nose, in Kids' Club.
Please make a separate reservation for each child.
PLEASE TEXT 805-704-5061 IF YOU MAKE A RESERVATION FOR AN INFANT. We must plan ahead for infants.
Monday through Friday  8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Tuesday through Thursday 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm 
Friday 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm Saturday 9 am – 12:30 pm
Sunday 9 am – 12:00 pm