Well-Fit Program

Cancer Well-fit™ is an exercise program that was founded by Julie Main in 1994. Julie was the co-owner and president of West Coast Athletic Clubs, as well as a past IHRSA board member.  When asked by her own cancer doctor why she was doing so well in handling her treatments compared to other patients, she eagerly credited her dedication to exercise helped her through it. Julie knew she could help others with her knowledge, and went on to create the Cancer Well-fit program at Santa Barbara Athletic Club.

The program has had over 1,000 cancer survivors enrolled to date, and Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa is proud to offer the program at the club.

Cancer Well-fit is a free, small group, ten-week exercise program designed to help the first-year cancer survivor:

  • Build / restore muscle mass and strength
  • Increase flexibility and endurance
  • Improve energy levels and self esteem
  • Develop their own physical fitness program in order to continue an active lifestyle

Advanced registration and a medical release from the participant's doctor is required.  Class size is limited.

Please contact [email protected], or call 595-7600 ex 122 for more information.
You may also visit our website at: www.cancerwell-fit.com.


I never imagined that in just 12 weeks I could make my arm feel better and increase the movement as much as I have. Where do I start to express my gratitude for this course. I am on my way to getting well now more than I have been in many years. You see I smoked for 41 years. From 14 to 55 until I met Gloria at HCRC and was convinced that I could actually get through this cancer thing . I had no hopes of quitting smoking as my doctor has requested. But then I met Amy, Kate, Jan, and Clara. Angels of hope sent to put all of us back together again.
We are so blessed to be able to exercise, relax, eat, cry and finally laugh at this thing cancer due to your generous donations and careful planning for all of us girls. We have our ups and downs, do not make alot of sense sometimes. But it was the courage that you gave us to keep going. 1 minute at a time. Thanks for giving me a welcome feeling to your club. I plan to continue to exercise the rest of my life. And I can say I have quit smoking after 41 years. I will always be thankful that you helped us to feel better. I hope we all get well from cancer. I recommend that anyone who has cancer see you. The encouragement is tremendous. Just what I needed and count on every day to keep going. Thank-you so much. My doctors, which I have many, all tell me I look 100% better because of this course. We do not know what to do when this happens to us. But you do. Thank-you for knowing what to do. Thanks for being there. Patti, (Patricia Rorrer, Cancer Well Fit Survivor).
Please feel free to share this e-mail with all the supporters of the Cancer Well Fit Program, and any other persons you feel would like to hear about or benefit from this. I highly recommend this course to cancer victims.
- participant in 2015