September Newsletter 2020

Summer Club Hours

Labor Day - Open normal hours, no group fitness classes
Monday-Thursday 5:30 am - 8 pm (9 pm for Large Pool)
Friday 5:30 am - 8pm
Saturday 7 am - 8 pm
Sunday 8 am - 8 pm


Health Clubs Are Part Of The Solution!


After adding back even more services this week, we continue to be grateful for all that we can offer at the club! Our beautiful four acres have allowed us to spread out the indoor exercise equipment, so we can continue to boost our immunity by exercising! The club industry continues to do a fantastic job of not spreading the virus. Check out this study conducted by the same company we use for our member surveys:

Of more than 49.4 million health club visits over three months, 0.0023 percent tested positive for COVID-19, which is more than 500 times less than the current estimated U.S. national average, according to a study by MXM, a technology and knowledge transfer company specializing in member tracking within the fitness industry.

The study tracked member check-in data from May 1-Aug. 6 at 2,873 U.S. health clubs and studios compared to self-reported infection rates. Participating clubs included Anytime Fitness, LifeTime, Planet Fitness, and Orangetheory. "As recently as a few months ago, the data correlating fitness facility visits and mitigating risk was practically nonexistent," MXM CEO Blair McHaney said in a media release. " All that's changed – and for the better. It's become abundantly clear that the safety measures gyms, sports clubs and boutique fitness centers have in place are not only incredibly effective at keeping their membership safe but also curbing any potential spread of COVID-19 during a time when we all need access to exercise facilities to stay healthy."

Group Fitness Classes


We are thrilled to currently be offering 34 live classes at the club, and 66 Zoom classes from the combined CAC Clubs! This is more than twice as many classes as we offered before the club's closure. We added another one this week - Thursday at 3:30 is Fit Kids w/ Sensei Gary. Please keep checking your club app for changes, as the group fitness schedule evolves as space allows us. All of the ABAC Zoom classes are now listed on the app as well!. The full CAC Zoom Class Schedule will continue to be emailed weekly.

Click Here For The Updated Group Fitness Schedule


Swim Lane Rule & Other Reminders


Thank you to everyone that has helped us follow the rules so that we can stay open! Please do not ease up now, as we really need to keep up the good work.

  • We will be strictly enforcing the rule of no more than two people in a swim lane at the same time, while single swimming is strongly encouraged. If you have a family of more than two people that want to swim, you need to take turns, or reserve more than one lane please.
  • Face coverings are required in the lobby, tennis court walkway, and locker rooms for anyone over 2 years of age. Everyone will be asked to do this, every time they come to the club, so please do not give the staff a hard time about it. A towel or t-shirt does not count. You will be asked to go back to your car to get your mask if you don't have it on.
  •  All equipment used must be thoroughly cleaned after each use by each member. Members have been doing a fantastic job so far - THANK YOU!! We are also cleaning all the equipment often throughout the day, and each locker room almost every hour.
  • Six feet of physical distancing is required through the whole club. Please stand six feet away from staff and other members.
  • Please be very careful about leaving belongings behind, as we are not able to store them for very long.
  • We are not providing towels at this time.
  • There is a $20 fee for pool reservation no shows, and for cancellations less than 12 hours before your reservation.
  • Reminder that the small pool has five household colored sections. You must reserve an area using the app or online, and each household can only reserve one small pool spot per day. Please do not move over to share someone else's household section when yours is over. We have the sections scheduled in order to keep the pool under a certain capacity. If you would like to stay longer than the 90 minutes, feel free to ask the front desk if there is any free time after your reservation. Please turn the tag on your table to the red side before you leave. 


After School Kids' Program


After School Program w/ Travis Hawley

August 31 - September 25 (12 Sessions)
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
3:30pm - 5:30pm
$325 Members or $425 Non-Members

The After School Program is based on keeping kids safe and active while challenging them with a variety of activities. Tennis, Swimming, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Speed and Footwork training all in the form of games and fun drills! The main focus is fun while also introducing health and wellness to your children. Email [email protected] with any questions. There are a few spots still available in this season.




Ever tried Qigong? This ancient movement practice is great for balance training, mindfulness, breathing techniques, energy management and more. Join us for a unique virtual workshop on Saturday Sept. 26th, 9a-2p with experienced educator Cyndi Silva. Suggested donation is $40. All proceeds will benefit our non profit Cancer Well-fit program.


Team Tribe Training 


Join us for season 6 of TRIBE! The Buzz is out and the results are in! This program is HOT! Join our fearless leader Colby in this program for our free Trial Week beginning September 14th to see how incredible this program is! The price for the 6 weeks for members is $192 and non-member is $240 total. This is an incredible value for the programming and RESULTS you will receive!

Call or text Colby at 530-219-0394 to schedule your free class during Trial Week. This week fills up fast, so don't delay your sign-up! Once you have committed to a class on trial week there will be a no show fee of $20 if you don't come. We want everyone to have a chance to try it.


Kids' Club Is Open!


Tuesday Afternoons 3:30 pm to 6 pm
Thursday Mornings 8:30 am to 12 pm
Sat 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
Sun 9 am to 12 pm

We have some new systems in place:

  • KC is by reservation only. If there are no reservations, it will not open that day.
  • Please reserve online just as you do for the pool or tennis courts.
    • Open the app, choose reservations, Adventure Central, date, and time
    • Do this separately for each child (you need to use a different member name for each child)
    • You can reserve up to four days ahead of time.
  • You will be billed automatically from your reservation, so please cancel it the day before if you don't plan to come.
  • The new pricing is $4 per half hour, with no sibling discounts.
  • You can reserve up to 2 hour time blocks.
  • We will take the temps of the kids before they enter, and will ask parents not to come inside the KC unless they really need to.
  • Please bring anything they might need, in a bag / backpack that hangs. We will be hanging their stuff on a hook. Please try not to bring any toys from home. Snacks from home are ok, but not encouraged. We will spend as much time outside as possible, and do individual projects.


Get To Know Our Chef Arturo Cardenas


Arturo was born in Baja California and relocated to the United States in 1995. He got into the cooking industry at a young age washing dishes for his uncle who owns Francisco's Country Kitchen and other restaurants in the area. More recently he came to us from the San Luis Obispo Country Club as their Sous Chef, while prior to that he cooked at Old Port Inn and Spyglass Restaurant. His favorite foods to cook are Baja, Mediterranean, and Asian Cuisine. In his free time he enjoys practicing martial arts and exercising. Something very important to him is his faith, as he is also a Christian Minister. He also is very proud to have received his legal citizenship (Green Card) after 23 years of trying. His favorite part about working at the club is the co-workers, especially Travis. In his words, "I love coming to work in an environment that is healthy both physically and mentally". Going forward we are going to share some of Chef's favorite recipes, and if you have any suggestions for Wednesday Night Dinners To-Go we would love to hear them!


$$$$ Refer Your Friends to the Club! $$$$


September Referral Special
"Give ONE, Get ONE!"

Don't miss out on this very special referral program in September!

When you refer your friends in September, not only will you receive $100 on your account, but your friend will also receive $100 off their enrollment fee!

What a great way to start September!

For more information please contact Amy or Travis in membership: 805-595-7600 ext: 105


Fit Kids' Class


Thursdays from 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
In The Park
With Sensei Gary

We want to help kids keep moving, especially during these times where they are not at school getting their normal play activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control, children should perform 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Gary will have them movin' and shakin' with some laughs along the way. Please send your child with a water bottle. This class is free for members.


Massage In The Park!


We are thrilled to be able to offer massage in our beautiful back park! You will be in a private tented area, surrounded by our beautiful park landscape. Ni, Sarah, and Ann are so excited to be able to help us all once again by reducing muscle tension and stress hormones, improving circulation, and increasing joint mobility and flexibility. Please call the front desk or reply to this email, to schedule your appointment.


Our Hair Salon Is Open Again!


Welcome back Nancy Tejada! We (and our selfies) have missed you! Please text Nancy directly to schedule your hair appointment at 559-799-3286.


Get Ready For A Great October Challenge!


Make sure your MyZone belts are ready for our challenge in October! Wear your belt for the entire month in Oct and earn a raffle ticket for every 100 MEPS you earn, up to a maximum of 50 tickets. Also, get a buddy and earn bonus points by taking classes together at the club! After September 27th, pick up a game card from the front desk and put your workout buddy's name at the top. When you come to any class at the club together, have the instructor sign both of your cards. You'll earn 1 bonus ticket for each day that you bring a buddy to workout together. If you or your partner doesn't have a MyZone belt, you can still play and earn tickets for working out together! If you'd like to add the MyZone points, you can purchase a belt from the front desk! At the end of the challenge, one raffle winner will receive $100 credit to account!