November Newsletter 2018


Holiday Art's & Craft Fair

Sunday, November 18
Mark your calendars for November 18th! The annual Art's & Craft Faire has arrived! Come get your holiday shopping done early with over 30 local artists and vendors displaying their work! We have something for everyone so it's sure to be a great time! Questions or comments? Contact Travis Hawley at [email protected]




Hike With Us!


Bowden Ranch Hike!

Saturday, November 10
8:30 a.m.

Meet at the club or 9:00 a.m. at the trailhead.Come join other club members as we hike this 4 mile round trip on the Bowden Ranch a.k.a High School Hill. This moderately advanced, short but taxing up hill trail offers a beautiful view at the top.Dogs are welcome but must be on leash.Call Amy to sign up or meet at the trailhead at 9 a.m.805-595-7600.



From The Front Desk


Thank you for your patience and understanding the last few weeks as we transitioned to a new software system at the club. As many of you know, we are no longer using member "numbers" to check-in, or to find your membership for charging. We can only use your name. So if you forget your scan card and need to check in or access your account, please give the front desk staff your first and last name.

Another change with the system was that we need a new guest waiver for non-members. We realize that the others were supposed to be valid until Dec. 31, but the good news is that the new one is valid until Dec. 31, 2019! If you are planning to bring a non-member guest please allow enough time to have them complete a new guest waiver.

Please note that our new software makes online bill payments easier, so if you avoided doing it that way before because of our system, please let us know that you would like to try paperless again and we can help you get set up for that. Please contact Travis Hawley at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Margarita Movie Night


What could be more fun than watching a classic movie with a tasty Avila Bay Margarita? Join us Friday, November 16 from 7-9PM for a Margarita Movie Night! This month we will be watching "Casa Blanca" in the park. Bring your blankets and comfy chairs and I'll supply the heaters, popcorn, and hot chocolate and of course MARGARITAS as we take a trip down memory lane. I also will be cooking up some hotdogs and hamburgers to be purchased that night. Non-Members are welcome and if you have any questions please contact Travis Hawley at [email protected]


Congratulations Maria Santos!


Maria has worked at ABAC for three years. Her favorite part about working here is the tennis. She loves the tennis staff: everyone from the director to the pros. She feels that the tower staff is kind, responsible, and encouraging of each other and members. Maria believes we have an awesome tennis family and everyone enjoys each other. She also really loves the tennis members and all the people she gets to play tennis with and enjoy on a daily basis.

In her spare time, she plays tennis and takes tennis lessons. Wow Maria! You really love tennis! When she is not playing tennis, she loves to cook, read, go on walks to the beach, and just spend time with family and friends.

Most people don't know that she has two grown daughters that live in Seattle, WA. When she isn’t in Shell Beach, she’s probably on her way to Seattle. We love you Maria! Congratulations!

Cancer Well-fit News

Cancer Well-fit, our in-house exercise and wellness program for first year cancer survivors, is happy to announce that Danielle Lien has accepted the position of Program Director for our ongoing non-profit program. Danielle has worked with Cancer Well-fit for nearly three years, holds certification as a personal trainer, as a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, and comes well qualified to oversee the program. Congratulations Danielle!

Jan Secord and Kate Wels, who have enjoyed their 10 years as trainers with Well-fit, will be stepping down as trainers, but not stepping out entirely. Their efforts will focus on community education, outreach, and fundraising to keep the program going. Colby Lindeman and Suzanne Smith, certified personal trainers, are part of the new crew for CWF! A terrific team!

Retiring team New team


Spa & Salon News


Let's welcome the beautiful fall weather with...

You get 15% off each service by buying a package! That is the biggest discount we have ever done!

Package of 5 - 60 Minute Swedish MASSAGES $425
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Package of 3 - 90 Minutes Swedish MASSAGES $332
Member $306

Package of 5 - 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massages $468
Member $425

Package of 3 - 90 Minute Deep Tissue $370
Member $344

Purchase packages from our friendly front desk staff.

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Notes from Kristin


This is generally a stressful time for a lot of folks, make sure you take time to take care yourself! Yoga is a great way to re-center your mind and body as well as Tai- Chi!

We offer two Tai Chi Classes
Tuesday at 7:30am and Thursday at 10:45am
Both classes are a great place to start your mindfulness and meditation practice. It also improves memory!

Challenge yourself to try something new this month! Change is a great way to get your body to a new level and prevent a plateau.


Tennis Tips

Why do I play so well one day and so poorly the next?
Why do I play tight in competition and miss easy shots?

The 5 Pillars of Massive Consistency

1. Focused Mind/Relaxed Body
Every athlete in every sport has uniformly expressed that when they have played their best—play-ing in the zone as it is called—their minds were quiet and focused, and their bodies were relaxed.
Thinking too much about what we are doing and trying too hard are two of the biggest interfering obstacles to high performance. Relaxed focus is the key to excellence in all activities, yet rarely do we practice it!

2. Quick Reaction To The Ball
When a player perceives the ball late and reacts slowly to the ball it sets up a domino effect that can negatively impact their movement to the ball, their footwork and balance, and their contact leading ultimately to inconsistent play. Quickly reading and reacting to the ball is critical, yet is arguably the most overlooked and/or misdiagnosed factor in tennis

3. Dynamic Balance: Movement/Footwork
Simply put, if you are consistently off balance when you hit the ball your probability of making solid contact with the ball and hitting it on the sweet spot will be low. In the not too distant past, the closed stance was the most frequently taught footwork technique in tennis. Now we know that there is a full spectrum of stances that can be effective depending on the situation. But regardless of which stance you choose, balance will always be critical.

4. Solid Contact
It’s important to know where your ideal contact zone is for each stroke. Knowing where you want to contact the ball is the key determinant for your movement to the ball and your stance. Many players hit the ball too low, too high, too close to their body or too far away...and don’t realize it! We can only change what we are aware of.

5. Clear Intended Targets
All movement and technique is in the service of our intention. Usually, if a player sees the ball clearly and has a clear intended target their chances for success increase dramatically. Having a clear specific target or target area (versus just “cross court” or “down the line” or “deep”) pro-vides a reference for awareness and an important opportunity to notice differences; differences in where the ball lands relative to the target as well as differences in how it feels to hit each ball. By practicing consistently with targets, players become more accurate as they learn to make subtle adjustments in their movement, stance and contact to achieve their intended goal. I have observed that this carries over into competition with players more capable of being consistent under pressure.

Congratulations ABAC Tri-Level Teams

Both ABAC women's and men's teams headed to Southern California Sectionals this past weekend and played at the Newport Beach Tennis Club.
The women's team that traveled to sectionals included Helen Sipsas, Deb Clark, Leslie Kaplan, Maria Santos, Michelle Adam and Susan Daymude. Team members that were contributors in local league play, but did not travel include Janet Windman, Lisa Corrente, Paula Olson and Marcey Nuccitelli.

In the opening round Avila Bay Club women lost to Manhattan Beach Country Club 2-1.

Charmaine Cosky/Natalie Rogers (MB) def. Helen Sipsas/Deborah Clark (ABAC) 7-6,6-3
Stephanie Marra/ Annie Han (MB) def. Michelle Adam/ Leslie Kaplan (ABAC)
7-5, 6-3
Maria Santos/Susan Daymude (ABAC) def Cara Cutler/Jamie Wood (MB)
6-4, 7-6

In the next round Avila Bay Club secured a second place finish be defeating Rancho Las Palmas Country Club/Rancho Mirage 2-1.

Karen Owings-Yoder/Debra Lloyd (RLPC) def. Helen Sipsas/Deborah Clark (ABAC) 6-3, 6-4
Michelle Adam/Leslie Kaplan (ABAC) def. Sue Cannon/Roxanna Nolan (RLPC)
6-3, 6-2
Maria Santos/Susan Daymude (ABAC) def. Jessica Inserra/Joyce Medford (RLPC) 6-1, 6-4

The men's team that traveled to sectionals included Hal Sweasey, Steven Hilty, , Tai Martin, Mike Stanton, Kenneth Johnston, Howard Nicholson and Stephen Lakowske. Team members that were contributors in local league play, but did not travel include Aaron Burch, Dwight MacDonald, Fred Kelley and James Campbell.

In the opening round Avila Bay Club men were defeated by Los Angeles - Cheviot- Sets on Fire 3-0.

James Mason/ Davis Kop (LA) def. Hal Sweasy/Steve Hilty (ABAC)
6-1, 6-4
Bijan Pourhamzeh/Neil Thakor (LA) def. Tai Martin/Mike Stanton (ABAC)
Sergio Ibarra/Will Rigsbee (LA) def. Ken Johnston/Howard Nicholson (ABAC)

In the second round Avila Bay Club men were defeated by San Gabriel Valley - Alpha Elite - Independence Park 2-1.

Edgar Munoz/Usama Shahid (SGV) def. Steve Hilty/Michael Stanton (ABAC)
Lucio Garibay/ Brandon Aparicio (SGV) def. Tai Martin/Stephen Lakowske (ABAC) 6-3, 6-7, 1-0
Howard Nicholson/ Ken Johnston (ABAC) def. Steven Hernandez/ Javier Rodriguez (SGV) 6-4, 3-6, 1-0

In the third round Avila Bay Club men were defeated by OC-LPC Yacht and Tennis Club 3-0 earning a fourth place finish in the tournament.

Gilbert Guevara/Christopher Ho (OC) def. Steve Hilty/Tai Martin (ABAC)
6-2, 6-2
Tuan Nguyen/Thach Ian Phan (OC) def. Stephen Lakowske/ Michael Stanton (ABAC) 6-2, 6-0
Daniel Tat/Christopher Lin (OC) def. Howard Nicholson/Ken Johnston (ABAC)
3-6, 6-1, 1-0

Congratulations to Howard Nicholson and Ken Johnston for receiving the sportsmanship award for the tournament.

Spanish Hills Country Club Exchange with ABAC

Join us at Avila Bay Club on November 10, 2018 from 8:30 A.M to 11:00 A.M. for doubles games and clinics with ABAC Tennis Director Michael Marquez and Spanish Hills Tennis Director Dave McKinney. This event is open to any and all levels of play. No partner needed. The cost is Free. This is the third year we have done the exchange and it is always a blast to share some hits and laughs with our great friends from Camarillo, California. The sign-up sheet is located in the Tennis Tower.


2018 Avila Bay Club Championships

Join us at Avila Bay Club on November 17 & 18 for singles, doubles and mixed doubles club championship tournament. This event is open to any and all levels of play. Members Only and the cost is $20 for singles and $40 per team to enter. Do you have what it takes to become ABAC Club Champion? Let’s find out! The sign-up sheet is located in the Tennis Tower.