January Newsletter 2022

Happy New Year!


We are so grateful to start the new year with our family of members and staff. There are some great things planned at ABAC for 2022 and we cannot wait for that vision to unfold.

The new year starts with the fun Whole Life Challenge. Some of you may have done this challenge a few years ago with us and we thought 2022 was a great time to regroup and start fresh in getting back to the basics of our health and wellness.

Next, we look forward to the installation of the new weight patio canvas structure covering. There have been some delays due to weather and supply shortages, but we anticipate it being done by the end of the month.

The most exciting plan for the year so far will be the unveiling of four new firepit / couch sectional seating areas up on the tennis deck. This should be an awesome place for friends and family to hang out together and have some fun little club gatherings with food, drinks, music, and games!

Other significant club updates are in the works as well, and we are so grateful for these opportunities to give you an even better club experience. Our survey scores continue to rank us very high (ok, often at #1 in our "division" of clubs!) against other high-end clubs across the country. We are so grateful to everyone that makes this possible. Our "One Word" for 2021 was Resilience and I think it was pretty well accomplished by all of us working together. Here's to a fresh start together in 2022! Thank you for all that you each give to us staff. We love ABAC and are honored to continue to serve you.

-Nancy Terrell
General Manager


Whole Life Challenge


January 15-February 25
Optional Information Sessions January 11 at 8:30 am or January 12 at 5:30 pm

Please join us in this great six week accountability challenge group that will help you dial in 7 areas of your life! Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep, Mobility, Exercise, Mind body and Reflection. At the optional orientations (no sign-up necessary), we will address questions and the nutrition plans available. We will go over how it works and do measurements if you want to. Open to everyone – members and non-members. A great way for you to participate with your loved ones who don't live locally but want to join you in a health challenge! It is only $29 for the whole six weeks! Sign-up by replying to this email, or using the sign-up sheet in the lobby.
Contact [email protected] for more information.


Group Fitness Classes


We have some fun Group Fitness changes coming in 2022! ABAC is excited to bring Body Pump, Body Flow, and Body Jam to our Group Fitness Schedule. Look for more information over the next few weeks. We will have our launch party for Body Pump (similar to our old class called Lift) on Saturday, January 22 at 8:30 am. Come and join the party! Sign-up online under classes or at the front desk.

A new winter Group Fitness Schedule will start on January 17. As always, keep an eye on the ABAC app for any daily changes. (We recently had a few glitches in the software due to the new year, but those have been corrected. We are sorry for any inconvenience that caused.)

Please don't forget to always wipe down your equipment after class. Each member is responsible for wiping down their own equipment.

Click Here To View A Complete Group Fitness Schedule


Pickleball Mixers – Twice The Fun In January!


Sunday, January 9 and Sunday, January 23
2:00 pm – 5:000 pm

Bring your paddle and come play some pickleball! It's great way to meet someone new, and possibly learn a new sport. We will set up our temporary court lines. Please sign-up online through the app under Programs – Category "Tennis".



Thanks to everyone that participated in the 12 Days of Christmas extra chances to win prizes by earning your MEPS! We had several raffle winners due to their MyZone MEPS added raffle tickets, so way to go MEPPERS!

Our next challenge will coincide with the Whole Life Challenge so watch for new ways to win during this six week long challenge that starts on January 15.


New Year New Brew Tennis Mixer & Beer Tasting


Wednesday, January 19
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Start with a 1.5 hour clinic from Tennis Director Michael Marquez and staff, and end with a special craft beer tasting! $30 per person and members only please. Please sign-up online or through the app under Programs – Category "Tennis".


Please Help Us


  • Stop at the front desk each time to check in. We have a few new staff members as well and it might take a little more time for them to look you up and get you checked in while they learn your name. We really appreciate your patience with this. It is very helpful to us if you say your first then last name and let us know if you have a pool reservation.
  • Masks are required at all indoor areas of the club. This includes the locker rooms. The biggest complaint we hear having to do with Covid is that people do not always wear their mask while in the locker rooms. Please know that in addition to it being a mandate right now, your fellow members would really appreciate you following this rule. It is really hard for staff members to monitor the locker rooms.
  • Pool rules reminders:
    o Large Pool lane 1 is the Free Swim Lane (as it was Pre-Covid). Anyone can be playing in that lane as well as swimming laps.
    o Large Pool lanes 2-6 are shared lanes when not reserved. They may be used for lap swim, aqua jog, aqua aerobics, or any sort of aquatic exercise.
    o When not reserved, all lanes are shared. You may not keep a lane for yourself. If someone is in a lane already, let them know you are entering and split the lane or circle swim. There are no time limits, but please be respectful when people are waiting.
    o Please shower off and REMOVE & DISCARD YOUR BANDAIDS before getting into the pool.
    o There are no longer reservations for the small pool. This may change as we re-evaluate when summer approaches.