Avila Bay Athletic Club Swim Lessons


Swim Lesson Philosophy

We believe that there are 3 stages of learning to swim:  1) comfort in the water  2) water safety 3) coordinated swimming.  We also believe that learning to swim should be fun; success for us is when our students are excited to come to class and they look forward to the joy of being in a pool, regardless of what stage they are at. We also believe that the relationship between the instructor and the student is critical to the student's success. This is why we never have more than two swimmers per instructor at any time.  It ensures that each student gets plenty of personalized attention and that the instructor gets to know the unique abilities and challenges for each student.

Sign Up For Lessons

To sign up for swim lessons, simply do the following:

  1. Read our Swim Lesson Policies which provide information about cancellations and rescheduling.
  2. E-mail or call the Aquatics Director at 805-595-7600 x111 and provide your child's name, age, current swimming ability (see chart below for descriptions), and best days and times for lessons.
  3. If you are a non-member, ensure you have completed a guest waiver.
  4. If you are a non-member, fill out a credit card waiver (Visa, MC, or Amex) and send it to the Aquatics Director. You can take a picture of it with your phone or scanner and E-mail it or drop it off in person at the club. You can also call the Aquatics Director at 805-595-7600 x111 and provide your card number, name on card, expiration date, and mailing address.   If you would like to pay with cash or check, please let the Aquatics Director know and we will make arrangements for you to do so.

Swim Lesson Rates

We have two beautiful pools available for lessons.  Our smaller family pool is kept at a toasty 87 degrees year-round so your little ones will learn to swim in a comfortable environment without getting too cold.  For more advanced swimmers, we also teach lessons in our 25-yard lap pool.

Private Lessons are offered to members and non-members.  Your child will receive one-on-one attention from an instructor at any schedule that works for you.  With private lessons, you have the same instructor throughout your entire lesson experience, and you have the flexibility to change or modify class days as you like.  Private lessons are offered year round at any time the club is open.

   Member Rate*  
   Non-Member Rate
 Single Lesson

Semi-Private Lessons are offered to members and non-members.  Two children maximum are paired with a single instructor, and both children must be present for the lesson.  Semi-private lessons are also offered year-round, and are available at whatever schedule best fits your needs.

   Member Rate*  

   Non-Member Rate  

 Single Lesson

*NOTE: Children must have their own membership in order to qualify for member rates.  Please see our swim lesson policies here.

After School Swim Academy

Don't let those skills your kids learned over the summer fade away!  Our After School Swim Academy is a great way for them to stay in shape with a little bit of swimming.  We offer two different sessions, and each one includes 4 lessons.  Our lessons are 30-minutes long and never have more than 2 children per instructor. This ensures that your child gets plenty of personalized attention and instruction.   The Swim Academy is appropriate for children aged 4 years and older.

Winter Session Dates

  • Session 1:  January 15, 17, 22, 24
  • Session 2:  January 29, 31, February 5, 7

Available Time Slots

Winter After School Sessions
4:00 - 4:30
4:30 - 5:00
 5:00 - 5:30
 5:30 - 6:00


The After School Swim Academy is $65/student for members and $85/student for non-members per session.  Students must have their own club membership in order to qualify for member rates. 


Levels are meant as general guidelines only. Participants may be able to complete various parts of different levels depending on their particular skills or comfort level in the water.  Instructors always evaluate students on the first day to determine proper lesson focus.   



Learning Goals


Beginning lesson experience, timid in the water, hesitant to put face in or leave steps. May be uncomfortable being away from mom/dad.

Comfort in water

  1. Picking up toys from steps
  2. Laying on back while supported by instructor
  3. Straight-leg kicking on steps/wall/with instructor
  4. Blowing bubbles and bobbing or "Bunny hopping" on bottom
  5. "Monkey-crawl" on wall
  6. Jumping/sliding in from side of pool to instructor


Beginning lesson experience, comfortable with head in water and comfortable away from mom/dad, unable to float unassisted.

Basic safety skills

  1. Floating on stomach/back unassisted
  2. Holding breath underwater
  3. Rolling from stomach to back and from back to stomach.
  4. Jumping in and turning to grab wall
  5. Getting out of pool unassisted
  6. Sliding in and monkey walking to shallow end
  7. Kicking on kick board or noodle


Some previous lessons, can float unassisted on stomach and back, can kick or “doggie paddle” a short distance.

Advanced safety skills

  1. Kicking on stomach and rolling on back to breathe
  2. Kicking on back and rolling to stomach
  3. Jumping in and rolling on back or kicking to a floating object
  4. Arm strokes for freestyle and backstroke
  5. Diving unassisted to retrieve toys from bottom, surfacing and floating on back


Able to do “big arms” freestyle and backstroke for a short distance. Comfortable in water above head or not being able to touch the bottom.

Beginning coordinated swimming

  1. Side breaths for freestyle
  2. Backstroke in a straight line
  3. Elementary backstroke
  4. Swimming across small pool while instructor waits on steps


Can swim across small pool unassisted, comfortable jumping in, generally “water safe.”*

Instructors are typically out of the water for this level.

Coordinated swimming

  1. Multiple laps in small pool with instructor out of water
  2. Breast stroke kicks
  3. Dolphin kicks


Comfortable in large pool. Able to swim 25 yards on stomach and back without getting too tired. Able to jump in deep end and easily get to wall.

Swimmers at this level are generally ready for swim team

Advanced Coordinated Swimming

  1. Technique for all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
  2. Diving progression off side: seated dive, kneeling dive, standing dive
  3. Treading water


Proficient at all 4 strokes. Able to perform standing dive from side of pool, retrieve items from deep end of pool, swim 15 yards underwater, and comfortably tread water for 1 minute.

Swimmers at this level are generally ready for swim team.

Swim Team / Race Techniques

  1. Flip turns
  2. Stroke drills for all 4 strokes
  3. Streamline push-offs
  4. Pull-downs for breast stroke

*We recognize that no person is ever truly "water safe" as accidents can happen at any time, but kids who are considered "generally water safe" means they are able to confidently support themselves in the water and can calmly float or swim to safety when necessary.

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