MyZone Challenges


Super congratulations to member Penny Malley who won our April MyZone Challenge! Penny gets a free personal training session and a MyZone belt to give to a friend. Way to go Penny!

Remember that your MyZone belts work even though you aren't at the club! Just wear your belt and make sure it connects to the app on your device and it will upload your workouts. And in May we have two more challenges to help keep you motivated and connected with each other.

The first is a global challenge put on by MyZone. All you have to do is earn at least 1300 MEPS in May AND put a photo on 5 different workouts via the app, and you are automatically entered into this one. They are giving away one hundred $100 Amazon gift cards. MyZone will notify the winners of this contest.

The second challenge is a club challenge. Wear your belt for the entire month of May and earn as many MEPS as you can. Every 100 MEPS will earn a raffle ticket, up to a maximum of 50 tickets. You also can earn BONUS tickets by putting a motivating comment on someone else's workout. You'll receive one bonus ticket for up to 10 comments you make. Before the end of the month, E-mail Mitch and let him know how many comments you made. One raffle winner will receive a free 30-minute massage once our spa reopens.