Hello From General Manager Nancy


I am writing to you from the club, which feels more alive than it did last month. We are working hard to get the club ready for everyone to return to. Many things have been cleaned, removed, repaired, and / or renovated. Staff has worked hard to stay safe, while still trying to make club improvements. Things are going to look quite different when we reopen, with equipment moved around to provide physical distancing and as much utilization of outdoor spaces as possible. Our revised D&S Plan is being finalized (disinfecting and sanitizing), as we work closely with our expert cleaning consultants. We are blessed to have reservation systems in place that will help us control people coming and going for tennis, the lap pool, group fitness classes, and possibly the workout rooms. It will be more of a place to come work out than a social environment, for a while.

It is especially strange for me to not be planning our annual Mother's Day Brunch right now. This would have been my 15th year in a row being a part of such an amazing event. Even my mom always knew where to come if we wanted to be together for Mother's Day, and they always had a great time. I look forward to being able to do it again next year, and wish all our special club moms a very happy day with your family - whether it be a Zoom call, lawn chairs spread around the yard, or being able to actually be physically together. We will get through these hard times and really appreciate being together again! - Nancy Terrell