Health Clubs Are Essential Businesses!


We were thrilled when the State of CA acknowledged this, and encouraged people to keep working out, outside for now. Doing outdoor yoga and group fitness classes were among the activities they specifically mentioned. Study after study shows that gyms are low risk for COVID transmission. We list one specific example here.

In response to the second surge of Covid-19 cases many gyms and health clubs have been forced to close their doors. In response to this, IHRSA (International Health, Racquet, Sport Club Association) commissioned the University of Oregon's Consulting Group (OCG) to study the association between health club attendance and Covid 19 cases using Colorado data as a proxy. In short, the findings were clear: health clubs do not pose the same risk as other venues. University of Oregon researchers examined the relationship between gym attendance and Colorado COVID-19 case data using observational and statistical analytical methods.

"We need to be reasonable and critical when it comes to evaluating relative risk." explained KUO (OCG president). "We believe states need to examine their data more closely before hastily closing down gyms and instead making decisions based on what they are seeing in their respective states."

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