Fitness At ABAC


Spring is in the air! It feels wonderful to emerge from the worst of Covid just like those freshly planted blooming flowers at the entrance to the club. If there is one major thing we have all learned over the past two years, it is that our health should be a top priority and fitness is a GIANT contributor to maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping us all younger. There are so many options available to you at ABAC and I am excited to share with you just a few you may not be aware of. Our Pilates reformer classes not only strengthen your entire body and build core stability, but when you are finished it feels like you just had a massage! We have every type of group fitness class available with some new classes and instructors being added for the summer. Our small group trainings really help hone in on spectacular form and get you comfortable with our beautiful (and new) indoor/outdoor weight training area. Finally, we offer nutritional counseling as well as health coaching for when you are ready to level up your eating habits. As the fitness director I am here for you! I want to give you the best experience possible while at ABAC and help you feel healthy and confident. Please reach out to me personally at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or for help with any of your fitness/nutritional needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon!
-Kristin Alexander, fitness director