Junior Guards Boot Camp

Next Session Dates : Level 1

Tuesday, March 31   3:45 - 5:15pm
Thursday, April 2     3:45 - 5:15pm
Saturday, April 4      9:00am - Noon
Tuesday, April 7   3:45 - 5:15pm
Thursday, April 9     3:45 - 5:15pm
Saturday, April 11      9:00am - Noon

Get your children ready for Junior Guards in the summer!  This program will help them build their endurance and teach them basic life guarding skills, first aid, and CPR that will prepare them for Junior Guards. Make sure they pass the swim test required to join Junior Guards by signing them up for this boot camp! The program runs on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for 2 weeks and includes 12 hours of fun, learning, and exercise!

Level 1 is appropriate for kids 7 and older who have never done Junior Guards before and who are at a level 5 on our swim lesson levels (click here to go to our swim lesson page and see levels).  They will learn what goes on in the Junior Guards program and they will get training in swimming, CPR, Lifeguard Skills, First Aid, and physical fitness. (Note that most local Junior Guards programs require participants to be 9 years or older. Kids 7 and over are welcome to participate and have fun in our training camp but may not be able to qualify for Junior Guards.)

The Level 2 camp is appropriate for kids 9 and older who have participated in Junior Guards in the past, or who have more advanced swimming skills

This program is limited to 12 participants maximum to ensure each child gets individual attention and feedback.  It is offered in spring time each year.

The cost is $200 for members / $225 for non-members

To sign up

Contact Mitch at 805-595-7600 x111 or via e-mail at mitch@avilabayclub.com