Club Green

October 12, 2010

Avila  Bay Athletic Club & Spa is committed to continually evaluating all aspects of its operations in order to become a more earth friendly business.


Here are some of the ways we are making a difference:

Dewpointe drinking water system (machine makes water from the air)

Compost café scraps and lawn clippings

No plastic bags or Styrofoam

More recycling than trash

Converted to motion sensors in many areas

New pool covers to save energy in heating

Green certified janitorial supplies

Organic sunscreen for retail sale

Re-use of office paper (two sides)

Computers are turned off at night

Shower minders – Lighted sensors on shower heads to prompt less than 8 minute showers

Ozone systems on our pools reduce chemicals

Ozone system on laundry – reduce chemicals and use cold water – saves energy

Biodegradable to-go containers and silverware

Organic, fresh juice made in the café

Energy efficient lighting – almost whole club converted

Electronic newsletter

Online billing

Eliminated plastic bottled water given out at spa – reusable cups instead

Dasani bottled water sold – partially biodegradable containers

Reusable coffee thermoses sold at cost to promote usage

Artificial lawn at the Kids’ Club

Fair trade coffee served

Stainless steel water thermoses sold to promote less use of plastic bottles

Bring your own towel incentive program

Low-flow showers and toilets

Automatic soap, paper towel, and water dispensers

Skylights in many areas

Tennis ball recycling

Book library for all to share and contribute to

Low or no-VOC paint

Rutiz Farms drop-off site – encourages buying locally grown, and no-pesticides

Facials done with organic products – by Jazmin

Order locally as much as possible

Participate in PG&E’s Climate Smart program – to reduce carbon footprint impact

Incentives to employees for alternate ways of commuting to work

Supportive of flexible work schedules for employees – including time to exercise

Greatly reduced fee for employee onsite childcare

No fees for conference room meeting space used by neighbors

Red Cross emergency center site

On-site bicycle storage for members

Drop off site for eyeglass donations

Sponsor for MS Society, Amer Heart Assn, SLO Children’s Museum, I-Care International, Charity Water

Thousands of dollars worth of services donated to hundreds of local organizations

Hosted Solstice Green Directory Mixer

Created “Green Shoppers’ Show” to promote local green businesses

Hosted SLO Chamber Mixer

Sponsor Cancer Well-fit program – Free small group training and use of club for current cancer patients

Spoke as a green business leader at Sea Change’s energy saving forum in SLO County

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