Club Personnel

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Group Fitness Instructors

Name Position Phone Email
Alexander, Kristin Work Your Assets!
Barnett, Summer Yoga
Burnside, Cindy Power
DeGarmo, Diana Cardio Bootcamp
Gallon, Sara Cycle, Power, Yoga
Harmon, Patty Cycle
King, Melbra Groove
Lavagnino, Sue Aqua Aerobics
Manuputy, Richard Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Merritt, Shannon Cardio Sculpt, Balanced Stretch
Novak, Hana Yoga
Odom, Marni Aqua Aerobics, Power, Core
Phelan, Dr. Kathryn Tai Chi
Schmidt, Gary Kempo Instructor
Soheili, Gwynne Yoga
Wels, Kate Zumba, Sculpt

Personal Training

Name Position Phone Email
Alexander, Kristin Fitness Director 805-595-7600 ex 110
Berdar, Jan Personal Trainer / TRX Instructor
Goldzman, Larry Personal Trainer
Lien, Danielle Personal Trainer / TRX Instructor
Lindeman, Colby Personal Trainer
Trujillo, Mike Personal Trainer
Wels, Kate Cancer Well-fit Trainer


Name Position Phone Email
Lockmiller, Dede Certified Pilates Instructor
Poist, Kelli Certified Pilates Instructor

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