Our Fitness Department offers two designated training rooms which includes cardio and weight training areas and separate stretch areas.  We have carefully selected the best equipment the industry has to offer to insure a most rewarding workout experience.  We cater to every level of fitness enthusiast with modern facilities that are professionally staffed, clean, and safe.

  • Fitness Assessment

    Your fitness journey will begin with a complimentary fitness assessment, conducted by one of our certified personal trainers, which will include a full medical, exercise, and goal history, weight and body composition measurements. Based on this information your personal trainer will recommend an appropriate fitness program for you.
  • Cardiovascular Training

    Our cardio room showcases the latest equipment, many of which feature personal viewing monitors with integrated media capabilities. Choose from: Read More »
  • Weight Training

    You will find two rooms of strength equipment in our facility. The first room is home to the latest equipment from Cybex, Functional cable tower, Smith rack and dumbbell racks. The second room features a Nautilus assisted chin-up/dip machine, core and stretch corner, free weights, rebounder, tubing and jump ropes.
  • Equipment Orientation

    One of our certified fitness professionals will guide you through all of the equipment, appropriate to your fitness level, creating a reviewable chart to ensure you stay connected to your exercise program. 

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