Stroke Workshop


Date TBD


These 4-hour workshops are a great way to tune up your swimming skills.  You'll get a video, a packet with notes on stroke mechanics and drills, personalized feedback, and new tips on how to swim better. The workshop is NOT a workout:  we spend part of the time in the classroom and part of the time in the water.  The general flow of the workshop is as follows:

  1. In-water individual "before" video recording from above and underwater
  2. Classroom discussion of stroke mechanics, technique, and muscle groups used in different parts of your stroke
  3. Review of individual videos
  4. In-water drills and technique practice
  5. In-water individual "after" video recording from above and underwater
  6. Classroom review of "after" videos


Workshops are offered throughout the month and are appropriate for all levels of ability.  Maybe you want to know how to swim with less effort or how to prevent injuries, or maybe you want to learn a new stroke to add to your workouts.  We offer five different workshops. Check a schedule for the next one, or contact Mitch Emerson at for more info. 

  • Freestyle Workshop: Feel free in the water with a stronger stroke and better body position.
  • Backstroke Workshop: You'll be able to swim in a straight line without even looking--guaranteed!
  • Breaststroke Workshop: Pull, breathe, kick, glide...that's the timing you want!  We'll show you how.
  • Butterfly Workshop: Don't be intimidated by this beautiful stroke.  Your butterfly will be better-fly!
  • Flip Turn Workshop: There's no need to flip out over flip turns. This workshop will have you flipping fast!


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